Paper Matematika

Periode 2016-2020:

2016: The boundedness of Bessel-Riesz operators on Morrey spaces (with M. Idris, J. Lindiarni, and Eridani)

2016: The boundedness of Bessel-Riesz operators on generalized Morrey spaces (with M. Idris and Eridani)

2016: A new 2-inner product on the space of p-summable sequences (with S. Konca and M. Idris)

2016: Inclusion properties of Orlicz and weak Orlicz spaces (with A.A. Masta and W. Setya-Budhi)

2017: An inclusion property of Orlicz-Morrey spaces (with A.A. Masta and W. Setya-Budhi)

2017: Inclusion properties of generalized Morrey spaces (with D.I. Hakim, K.M. Limanta, and A.A. Masta)

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Periode 2011-2015:

2011: On the product of N Chebyshev systems (with L. Ambarwati)

2011: Surfaces with prescribed nodes and minimum energy integral of fractional order (with E. Rusyaman and L. Ambarwati)

2011: Application of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Spaces to a minimization problem with prescribed nodes (with Y. Sawano)

2012: Weak type inequalities for fractional integral operators on generalized non-homogeneous Morrey spaces (with I. Sihwaningrum and S. Maryani)

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Periode 2006-2010:

2006: Orthogonality in 2-normed spaces revisited (with Mashadi, S. Gemawati, N. Supiamin, and I. Sihwaningrum)

2006: Orthogonality in n-normed spaces (with E. Kikianty, Mashadi, S. Gemawati, and I. Sihwaningrum)

2007: On integrals arising from a Lie group contraction problem (with S. Gupta)

2008: P-, I-, g-, and D-angles in normed spaces (with J. Lindiarni and O. Neswan)

2008: An interpolation method that minimizes an energy integral of fractional order (with F. Pranolo and E. Rusyaman)

2009: Fractional integrals and generalized Olsen inequalities (with Eridani)

2009: Fractional integral operators in non-homogeneous spaces (with Y. Sawano and I. Sihwaningrum)

2010: Fractional integrals and Olsen inequalities on nonhomogeneous spaces (with I. Sihwaningrum and H.P. Suryawan)

2010: Equivalence of n-norms on the space of p-summable sequences (with A, Mutaqin)

2010: On n-norms and bounded n-linear functionals in a Hilbert space (with S.M. Gozali and O. Neswan)

2010: On b-orthogonality in 2-normed spaces (with S.M. Gozali)


Periode 2001-2005:

2001: On finite dimensional 2-normed spaces (with Mashadi)

2001: An inner product that makes a set of vectors orthonormal

2001: On n-normed spaces (with Mashadi)

2001: The space of p-summable sequences and its natual n-norm

2002: Some estimates for imaginary powers of Laplace operators

2002: Weighted estimates for fractional maximal functions related to spherical means (with M. Cowling and J. Garcia-Cuerva)

2002: Inner products on n-inner product spaces

2002: On convergence in n-inner product spaces

2002: A generalization of Bessel’s inequality and Parseval’s identity

2002: On n-inner products, n-norms, and the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality

2002: A note on Dragomir-Mcandrew’s trapezoid inequality

2003: A note on the generalized fractional integral operators

2003: On measures of central location

2004: On the behavior of the solution of the wave equation (with W. Setya-Budhi)

2004: On generalized fractional integral operators (with Eridani and E. Nakai)

2005: Stummel class and Morrey spaces (with Eridani)

2005: A formula for angles between subspaces of inner product spaces (with O. Neswan and W. Setya-Budhi)

2005: On angles between subspaces of inner product spaces (with O. Neswan)

2005: On volumes of n-dimensional parallelepipeds in l^p spaces (with W. Setya-Budhi, Mashadi, and S. Gemawati)


Periode 1992-2000:

1992: A generalization of maximal functions on compact semisimple Lie groups

1993: -estimates for some maximal functions

1996: On weighted estimates for Stein’s maximal function

1997: On finding the fundamental dominant weights of a root system

1998: Some weighted estimates for Stein’s maximal function

2000: On the triangle inequality for the standard 2-norm (with W. Setya-Budhi)


Unpublished Papers:

2016: On the fundamental theorem of arithmetic and Euclid’s theorem

2006: Orthogonality in n-normed spaces

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